Night Blooms of Lune

Organic Beeswax Massage + Bath Oil Candle 225g

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Our luxurious all-natural organic massage + bath oil candle has been crafted to help you bring ritual and self-love into your skin care routine.

Our skin healing wax blend of Ayurvedic massage oils together with exotic florals and sensuous resins evokes your deepest dreams and conjures the magic of imagination and the otherworld.

Light your candle, breathe slow, relaxed breaths and let rose geranium, elemi and ylang ylang soothe you and lift your mood, while jasmine and labdanum penetrate your soul and awaken your wisdom and intuition.

Bask in the warm glow of the flame and onyx vessel and once the oil has pooled to the edges pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and massage directly onto your skin. Our oil is also suitable to pour into your bath to help moisturise and soothe tired skin whilst filling the room with a magical aroma. In Ayurveda self massage is an act of self love… take a long bath and use long flowing movements to massage the oil into damp skin. Sweet dreams are made of this!

Burn time approx. 50 HRS

  • COSMOS Organic Certified
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  • Made in England



Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Oil*, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil*, Cera Alba (Beeswax)*, Canarium Luzonicum Gum Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Flower Oil*, Cedrus Atlantica (Cedarwood) Bark Oil*, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Leaf Oil*, Cymbopogon Martini (Palmarosa) Oil*, Jasminum Grandiflorum (Jasmine) Flower Oil*, Cistus Ladaniferus Oil*, Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil*, Limonene**, Geraniol**, Benzyl Alcohol**, Benzyl Benzoate**, Citral**, Citronellol**, Farnesol**, Linalool**

* Organically grown ingredients
** Natural component of essential oils


Suitable for all skin types


Suitable for daily use as a body + massage oil or in the bath
Suitable for daily use as a candle for aromatherapy and ambience

  • Certified organic 
  • Wild African beeswax - sourced sustainably and harvested by local communities offering a vital revenue stream to farmers and women
  • Burning beeswax releases negative ions that can purify the air and reduce allergens
  • Base oils used in the wax are gentle on the skin with a wide range of anti-inflammatory + antioxidant benefits 
  • Our essential oil blend has been carefully formulated with expert herbalists to calm body and mind 
  • Housed in onyx, a natural marble with a banded structure creating a beautiful pattern unique to each piece

For an optimal burn, always trim the wick to 1/4” before each and every use;

  1. On first use, allow the wax to pool to the edge to ensure an even burn in future
  2. Once wax has pooled, pour a small amount into your hand and massage directly onto the skin or pour into bath water to bring relaxation and restore balance in body and mind

+ Our wax has a low melting point so will not be too hot to handle

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • For external use only 
  • If irritation occurs discontinue use 
  • Never leave a lit candle unattended or near surfaces and materials that can catch fire 
  • When not in use, keep product cool and out of direct sunlight 
  • No testing on animals 
  • No GM ingredients 
  • No controversial chemicals 
  • No parabens and phthalates 
  • No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances 

  • Yes to sustainably sourced ingredients 
  • Yes to using natural colours and fragrances from plants and flowers 
  • Yes to transparent manufacturing processes 
  • Yes to biodegradable ingredients 
  • Yes to minimal packaging 
  • Yes to protecting wildlife and biodiversity

Key Ingredients

(Cera Alba) Beeswax forms a protective skin barrier and has fantastic skin-softening properties, enhancing skin elasticity and helping reduce the signs of ageing. Beeswax is anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and germicidal.
(Cocos Nucifera) Coconut oil is known for its moisturising properties improving skin hydration and preventing dryness, as well as its potential antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It also contains Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that can help protect the skin from free radical damage.
(Sesamum Indicum) Sesame oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that can help nourish and protect the skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties that could benefit those with acne-prone or sensitive skin. Additionally, its high content of vitamin E can contribute to improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
(Olea Europaea) Olive oil is a natural moisturiser which helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. It contains antioxidants that help to protect the skin from free radical damage including vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. Olive oil also contains high levels of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids helping to nourish and protect the skin, improve skin elasticity, and reduce inflammation.
(Cannabis Sativa) Hemp oil nourishes skin, reducing inflammation, and fighting free radicals. Hemp oil is also rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which can help improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, hemp oil can help reduce skin redness and irritation, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin.
(Jasminum Grandiflorum) The natural tonifying effects of jasmine essential oil help to keep skin cells supple and pores tight. The high amounts of antioxidants protect the skin from environmental toxins, help reduce age spots, even skin tone and balance all skin types. Jasmine is used to cultivate intuition and emotional awareness. Its sweet and floral aroma is believed to uplift the spirits, ease depression, and promote feelings of joy and happiness.
(Cananga Odorata) The potent anti-bacterial properties of Ylang Ylang make it a very effective skin purifier. It also acts as a healing powerhouse, boosting the regenerative process of the epidermis and is great for balancing as it helps regulate sebum production. Ylang ylang is used to help calm and balance the mind and emotions, promoting a sense of relaxation and inner peace. Ylang ylang is also believed to have aphrodisiac properties, and is used in many romantic and sensual blends.
(Cymbopogon Martinii Var. Motia) Palmarosa essential oil is known for its hydrating properties and may have antiseptic and antiviral effects that could benefit those with acne-prone or irritated skin. Palmarosa essential oil is used to enhance spiritual growth, promote positive energy and help to calm and soothe the mind.
(Canarium Luzonicum) Elemi essential oil is often used in skincare for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It also promotes skin regeneration, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Elemi is believed to have spiritual benefits that promote clarity and peace of mind and is often used in meditation practices.
(Pelargonium Graveolens) Rose geranium is a an anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and cooling oil that also acts as an astringent to tighten skin and pores. It has superior bactericidal and cell regenerative compounds which help scar healing and acne prevention. Rose geranium promotes feelings of balance, calmness and harmony, while also uplifting the mood and promoting positivity.
(Pogostemon Cablin) Patchouli essential oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce skin irritation and inflammation. It is also believed to help balance oil production, making it a great choice for people with oily or acne-prone skin. Patchouli is believed to have grounding, calming and balancing effects on the mind, body and spirit, helping to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
(Cedrus atlantica) Atlas Cedarwood essential oil is known for its astringent and antiseptic properties, making it a great natural remedy for skin conditions such as acne and eczema. It also has a calming effect on the skin, reducing inflammation and promoting a healthy, radiant complexion. Atlas Cedarwood has protective properties, shielding individuals from negative energy and promoting a sense of safety and security. Some cultures use it in rituals to honour ancestors and connect with the earth and its' natural cycles.
(Cistus Ladanifer) Labdanum essential oil is anti-inflammatory and an excellent astringent. It can help promote skin regeneration and is often used to improve the appearance of scars, making it a great choice for people with damaged or mature skin. Labdanum is used to enhance meditation and prayer, promote relaxation, ease anxiety, and enhance overall well-being. Associated with love, protection, and purification, it is believed to shield from negative energy and evil spirits.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Candle

Just the perfect christmas gift for a loved one and so beautifully presented, thank you! Amazing quick shipping too!

Magical glowing vessel and a beautiful scented candle

I treated myself to this beautiful candle and absolutely loved the massage oil which absorbed easily into the skin. I mainly used it as a regular candle which flooded my large lounge with scent and also created such a beautiful light through the onyx vessel. A fabulous present for oneself or a friend!

Alex Ince

Received quickly and really happy


This candle is so beautiful in it's onyx casing - it stands apart from the rest. I just love the aromas of rose geranium and jasmine and almost don't want to burn it so that it doesn't finish. It's a really special one,

Jazz R.
Heavenly! This candle is so beautiful… my bedroom smells like an expensive spa!

This candle is incredible! I love pouring some into my bath… my bedroom smells like a spa… the stone lights up so beautifully! Can’t wait to purchase another one for a gift. Stunning!