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The Sacred + Wild Self Care Guide - The Power of Ritual

The Sacred + Wild Self Care Guide - The Power of Ritual

The Sacred + Wild Self Care Guide - The Power of Ritual

Self-care is not selfish. It creates space for us to slow down and connect with ourselves through daily rituals. Our daily self-care is the foundation for our health, healing, growth, and fulfilling our potential – and by turning it into treasured rituals rather than just a routine it becomes so much more.

Putting love, intention and meaning into what we do turns our daily acts of self-care into sacred moments, opening us up to our divine feminine energy and the most magical and empowered version of ourselves. We need this to bloom as women and as mothers, and to be able to nurture and support our families and communities from a place of contentment and strength. It’s the foundation for our personal evolution.

Read on for 20 self-care ideas, tips and rituals to help you awaken and live in harmony with your divine feminine:

Self-care for your physical body

Listen to your body:  Work out what’s behind your muscle tension or other body issues, what stress you’re holding on to, and what you can do about it.

Honour your body’s needs:  High-quality nutrition, regular mealtimes, sufficient water intake, exercise, regular bedtimes and quality sleep. Get clear on what your needs are and set an intention to meet them. Intention can make a powerful difference in taking action.

Physical exercise:  Walking, yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, cycling, swimming – movement that doesn’t put too much strain on the body and keeps you feeling at ease in your body.

Breathwork:  Yogic breathwork or modern transformational breathing methods. Learn with an experienced teacher, as there can be contradictions.

Self-massage:  Spend five minutes every day lovingly massaging your body with your favourite oil/ lotion, or better still use an Ayurvedic warm oil after a shower or in the bath - such as our Lune massage + bath oil candle


Self-care for your emotional wellbeing

Be more sensual:  Mindfully enjoy the sensory pleasures of the body, such as eating, bathing, relaxing, sleeping and human contact. 

Feel your feelings:  Feelings are energy moving through us. Pushing away the ones you see as negative is denying the reality of your experience of life. All feelings including uncomfortable ones are part of who we are in that moment, have a purpose, and can show us something about ourselves. Trust your intuition

Make everyday moments special:  Use your best plates for everyday meals, your favourite essential oils in a bath, or buy new throws and bed linen in natural textures.

Develop a spiritual practice

Meditation:  Practise short meditations that focus on peace, compassion and opening your heart.

Chant mantras:  Still the chatter of the mind and honour the goddess in all of us, in whichever forms and traditions resonate with you.

Heal your inner child and ancestral trauma:  A simple ritual is mirror work or daily personal affirmations, such as ‘I forgive you’, ‘I am creative and in flow’, or ‘I am positive, ready and open to change’

Cultivate your feminine energy

Find a guide or teacher who you admire:  Having an elder and embodied woman as a role model can help us connect with our own Divine Feminine.

Slow down and be present:  Feminine energy is receptive, passive and lives in the moment. Spend time with the phone off, say no to things, write a daily gratitude list, read poetry, set intentions at the new moon, or rise at dawn for meditation. Find your rituals that help you appreciate life’s small pleasures.

Develop your intuition:  When we live in our head we become disconnected from our intuition and the wisdom of the heart. Meditate (to silence the mind), live mindfully, reflect, journal, and understand your dreams, which are messages from our subconscious.

Listen more:  Spend more time intuitively listening to others instead of talking or thinking about what we might be going to say next.

Create and enjoy the arts:  Sing, make music, draw, paint, dance, write, learn pottery – find ways to express your creativity every day.

Support new mothers:  When a new mama comes into her power she transforms herself, her children, her family and her community. Many cultures have traditions passed through generations that support the mother postpartum through rest and recovery, warmth, nourishment, massage, ritual and celebration. Reach out to friends and family to offer support at this transformational time.

Learn to receive:  Be comfortable with simply being, so that you become more patient and more receptive – to love, intuition, guidance, the blessings of the universe, and Divine Feminine energy. Relax rather than resist in life and surrender to your higher self.



Honour and look after Mother Earth

Spend time in nature:  Parks, woods and beaches contain the Divine wisdom and healing energy of the earth. Connect to this, even in autumn and winter, by walking on earth or grass, being among the trees and wildlife, and enjoying all the elements – sunshine, wind, rain and snow.

Tread lightly on the Earth:  Live more sustainably: less waste, less consumerism and more ethical choices. Our actions ripple out to those around us, and our children learn by what they see us do.

Self-care, especially as a way to connect to our Divine Feminine, is one of our guiding pillars at Sacred + Wild. On our website, social media and forthcoming podcast, we will share inspiration, conversations with experts, and modern and ancient rituals and wisdom to support your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health.

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