Our brand values and ethics run right through the core of the business and impact every decision we make - from using the most effective natural and organic ingredients, which are never tested on animals or genetically modified and the vessels our products our housed in, to the mycelium boxes and cardboard and dye used for our cartons - we are constantly working to support ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Candle Vessels

  • Our candles are housed in ethically sourced onyx formed in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. 
  • This unique type of marble is formed from the deposits of the limestone caves and warm springs which are created over thousands of years.
  • Natural stone is one of the most eco-friendly materials in the world. It has infinite longevity, is 100% recyclable and requires no factory production.

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Facial oil in glass dropper bottle sitting on a branch with flowers, shot in a studio

Facial Oil Bottles

  • Our facial oil is housed in glass bottles that are eco-friendly, made from natural materials, reusable and 100% recyclable.
  • Our pipettes are made from polypropene, rubber and glass - although we are proud to have found a European supplier for our pipettes, in a perfect world we would use refillable, artisanal vessels that will enable us to eliminate this part of our packaging. We are working on this!

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Our cartons are all fully recyclable, made from FSC certified materials (sourced from responsibly managed forests) and printed using non-toxic vegetable inks. 

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Magical Mycelium

Our packaging had to match the exacting standards we have for the products themselves, and we chose mycelium as the perfect protective house for our candle to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Made up of the web-like roots of mushrooms combined with hemp, mycelium is water resistant, fire retardant and fully biodegradable in 45 days. You can add the box to your compost or bury in the garden as a fertiliser for plants and flowers.

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Our mailers are all made from biodegradable and FSC certified materials, are industrially compostable, made in Europe, plastic-free, and fully recyclable. 


  • Not tested on animals 
  • No GM ingredients 
  • No controversial chemicals 
  • No parabans and Phthalates 
  • No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances 
  • Yes to sustainably sourced ingredients 
  • Yes to using natural colours and fragrances from plants and flowers 
  • Yes to transparent manufacturing processes 
  • Yes to biodegradable ingredients 
  • Yes to protecting wildlife and biodiversity


Founded in 2023 by Lucy Stride and Jess Ince, close friends who met at university and became soul sisters on their entrepreneurial journeys, Sacred + Wild is a modern lifestyle brand offering pioneering slow beauty products housed in unique and artisanal, eco-friendly vessels.

Sacred + Wild is more than just a brand or a business for us. This is a love letter to our children, an important part of our spiritual expansion as women and mothers, and perhaps most importantly, a vehicle for our passions.. we want our work to be an extension of our lives, to be able to build something inspirational that means we can have fun together everyday while also supporting other women to live their best lives too!

Eye symbol with a heart shaped iris within sun rays WHEN WOMEN COME TOGETHER WITH A COLLECTIVE INTENTION, MAGIC HAPPENS
Eye symbol with a heart shaped iris within sun rays WHEN WOMEN COME TOGETHER WITH A COLLECTIVE INTENTION, MAGIC HAPPENS
Eye symbol with a heart shaped iris within sun rays WHEN WOMEN COME TOGETHER WITH A COLLECTIVE INTENTION, MAGIC HAPPENS

Having spent the last 20 years in creative industries; Lucy in music and Jess in events, we both wanted a change to the corporate culture and to create a business where work felt like a sacred space, that fed our souls and reflected how we are choosing to live out our 40's. We want to show our children that they can build something from nothing, they can choose to be leaders, that work doesn’t have to be a slog or a cage and that they can be successful and at the same time drive positive change in the world. We want them to spend their days doing something they love, to create a beautiful life and weave their work seamlessly into it - and this is our chance to lead by example. 

The ongoing evolution of Sacred + Wild also gives us the opportunity to grow in all directions across the many areas we have a thirst for knowledge around - being earth side only comes around once (well that is potentially up for debate - tbd on the blog! ;)) - and we want to have as much fun as we can, working alongside and learning from inspirational wise women. 

"Give us all the plants, all the rituals, all the healing modalities, the “work”, the food, the nourishment, the beauty - with a deep sense of reverence and connection to the divine feminine and to rhythms of the natural world, let’s create our best, most magical lives. And we welcome anyone who wants to come along for the ride!"


We will never use any ingredients in our products that are harmful to you or Mother Earth, and we refuse to join in the green washing that plagues our industry. We will go above and beyond to use cutting edge sustainable and circular manufacturing processes, and when the solution we want won’t work right now, or we make a mistake, we will be transparent with you and strive for better next time.  

And whilst we are all about having fun and making connections, let’s be clear, we take our products very seriously and work with some of the best natural skincare formulators in the world to set new standards in efficacy. Combining ancient techniques with science-backed research in plant healing, our formulations are highly effective, technical and rooted in a desire to maintain excellent skin condition and health benefits without compromising on using 100% natural ingredients, which are also certified organic where possible.

"So here we are, Sacred + Wild - two women wanting to do our part in fighting for a better world for future generations, and to be of service to a like-minded community in this lifetime."


In addition to our own line, we will soon be launching a carefully curated collection of natural beauty and wellbeing products from brands that share our ethos and eco values - as well as a “Found By S+W” store, bringing you one of a kind and heirloom antique and vintage finds across Home, Clothing and Jewellery, as an expression of our personal styles and in celebration of expert craftsmanship from around the globe.

We are looking forward to all the future may bring, so happy you found us!

Love and blessings,
Lucy & Jess Xx

Giving Back

At Sacred + Wild we believe in creating a positive impact beyond our products. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we donate 5% of our profits to charities that work in areas close to our hearts. 

We understand that the beauty and wellness industry can have a significant impact on the environment, and we want to ensure that we are doing our part to minimize that impact. That's why each year we will be donating to an environmental charity to support initiatives that promote sustainability, protect natural habitats, improve soil quality and reduce carbon emissions.

Additionally, we are committed to supporting women's charities that empower and uplift women in need. We recognize that many women face significant challenges in their lives, including poverty, discrimination, and violence, and we want to do what we can to help. By supporting women's charities, we hope to create a more equitable and just world for all.

Lastly, we believe in the importance of promoting animal welfare and ethical treatment of all animals. Our brand is committed to using only cruelty-free ingredients in all of our products. We understand that animals are sentient beings and deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. We are incredibly passionate about helping to create a world where animals are valued and protected.

We are proud to support organizations that align with our values, and we encourage our customers to join us in making a positive impact. 

Together, we can create a better future for ourselves, our children and our planet.

In 2023 we are proud to be supporting: 

CIWF is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of farm animals. They work to end cruel factory farming practices and promote humane and sustainable agriculture. Founded in 1967 by Peter Roberts, CIWF has been campaigning for over 50 years to create a world where farm animals are treated with compassion and respect. They advocate for policies and practices that benefit animals, people, and the planet. CIWF also works with farmers, retailers, and consumers to encourage more responsible and ethical farming practices. Their efforts have led to significant improvements in animal welfare standards worldwide.

Tree Sisters is a UK-based charity that focuses on reforestation efforts and empowering women in the process. They work to fund tree planting projects around the world, aiming to help mitigate climate change and support local communities. They also offer educational resources and training programs to women, aiming to create a network of empowered and environmentally conscious leaders. By supporting Tree Sisters, we are not only contributing to reforestation efforts but also supporting gender equality and community empowerment.

Women for Women International is a non-profit organization that helps marginalized women in conflict-affected countries. The charity provides women with education and vocational training, as well as access to healthcare and legal services. Women for Women International empowers women to rebuild their lives and communities after conflict and war. By supporting this charity, we can help create a better future for women who have suffered from violence, poverty, and discrimination.