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Taking Advantage of Spring's Renewal Energy to Manifest Your Dreams Through Visualization

Taking Advantage of Spring's Renewal Energy to Manifest Your Dreams Through Visualization


By Mariel Witmond

As the world awakens in the vibrant embrace of spring, it's the perfect time to harness this season of renewal to manifest our deepest desires. Spring symbolizes new beginnings, making it an ideal backdrop for employing visualization techniques to shape the life we dream of.

Visualization isn't just a motivational tool; it's a scientifically backed practice that can lead to real-life changes. The key player here is the brain's Reticular Activating System (RAS), a network of neurons adept at filtering information and prioritizing tasks. When we visualize, we're essentially training our RAS to recognize and seize opportunities that align with our visions.


Studies show that when we visualize an action, our brain generates an impulse that mirrors the one created when actually performing the action. This process builds new neural pathways, essentially 'priming' the body to act in a way that mirrors our visualizations.

Spring is more than a season; it's a powerful symbol of renewal and rebirth. As the natural world around us awakens with vibrant life, it inspires us to breathe new energy into our own lives and aspirations. This season encourages us to shake off the stagnation of winter and embrace growth and renewal, both externally and internally. Spring, with its themes of growth and renewal, offers a fresh canvas for visualization.

Here are some ways to integrate the energy of spring into your visualization practices:

🌼 Nature as a Catalyst: Spend time in nature to draw inspiration. The blooming flowers and longer days provide a rich sensory experience to enhance your visualization.

🌈 Spring Cleaning for the Mind: Just as we declutter our homes, spring is a great time to clear our minds of limiting beliefs, making room for positive visualizations.

🌱 Planting Seeds of Intention: Use the metaphor of planting seeds to represent your goals. As you tend to your garden, imagine tending to your goals with the same care and attention.

Here are some effective visualization techniques:

👁️ Vision Boards: Create a vision board with images and words that represent your goals. This acts as a daily visual reminder of your aspirations.

🌅 Guided Imagery: Use guided imagery exercises to vividly imagine achieving your goals. There are many resources and apps available to help guide you through these exercises.

🖋️ Affirmative Writing: Write down your goals and dreams in an affirmative manner. This not only reinforces your goals but also keeps your mind focused and aligned with your intentions.

🧘‍♀️ Meditative Visualization: Combine meditation with visualization. In a relaxed state, mentally walk through the achievement of your goals, engaging all your senses.


Spring’s renewing energy provides an ideal backdrop for powerful visualization. The lengthening days of spring symbolize expanding opportunities. With more daylight, there’s a sense of having more time to pursue goals and explore new possibilities. Use this metaphor in your visualizations – envision your opportunities stretching out before you, as limitless as the lengthening spring days. By understanding the science behind visualization and employing various techniques, we can effectively align our mindset with our aspirations.

This is the time for planting seeds, both literally and metaphorically. When setting goals during this season, think of each as a seed you’re planting. Nurture these seeds with your actions and visualize them growing into the results you desire, just as you would care for a seedling destined to grow into a beautiful plant. As nature bursts into life, let’s also invigorate our dreams, using this season to plant the seeds of our future successes!

Mariel is a life coach, mentor, yoga and meditation teacher and breathwork facilitator, hosting retreats and ceremonies, and offering Mayan birth chart readings. She brings her studies in psychotherapy and ancient wisdom into all that she shares to help empower others through knowledge, creating a safe space to feel held and encourage introspection and self healing.

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