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Sacred + Wild Ltd.Sacred + Wild Ltd.
Sacred Skincare for the Wild Women in Your Life

Sacred Skincare for the Wild Women in Your Life

Why our products are the perfect conscious buy to elevate your self-care with effective formulations born out of ancient wisdom, alchemy + ritual.

We are a modern lifestyle brand offering pioneering slow-beauty formulations and unique, artisanal ritual tools in hand-carved natural stone. Made in small batches using all natural and certified organic botanicals, we offer effective formulas that bring ancient wisdom, ritual and self-love into your daily routine.

With an aesthetic steeped in 70s psychedelic cali-cool, we are moving natural and organic beauty out of the beige and into the rainbow-bright. With packaging designs that could easily be mistaken for festival posters from a long-gone era, at Sacred + Wild, we are bringing a rock and roll edge to sacred self-care rituals.

Spearheading a movement away from the green-washing that plagues the clean beauty industry, we offer open and transparent dialogues around all our products and their ingredients. Every single ingredient is there for a specific therapeutic reason and offers new levels in efficacy and eco-standards.

At Sacred + Wild our product development journey begins with ancient wisdom and ritual, and we formulate products that will bring treasured, sacred moments into the everyday to help us reflect, rest and reconnect with our deeper self. Our Night Blooms of Lune massage + bath oil candle is perfect as part of a daily massage practice drawing on Ayurvedic abhyanga (warm oil massage); breathing in the sacred scent of our Wild Flowers of Solaris organic facial oil offers a moment of elevated aromatherapy; and our onyx Miracle Massage Mushroom tool is designed for therapeutic marma point or acupressure on face and body.

We have worked with some of the best natural skincare formulators in the world, combining ancient techniques with science-backed research in plant healing, our formulations are highly effective, technical and rooted in a desire to maintain excellent skin condition and health benefits without compromising on using 100% natural ingredients, which are also organically grown where possible. We are proud to be be certified by the Soil Association.

Using Wild African Beeswax blended with Ayurvedic massage oils as the base for our massage + bath oil candle, we believe we have made the most ethical and eco-friendly candle in the world. Our wild bees make their honeycombs and honey in bark hives positioned high up in the tree line in Cameroon. The hives mimic their natural environment and there is absolutely no forced farming. This type of sustainable harvest supports beekeeping which is important for pollination and biodiversity and as it is harvested by local communities including many farmers and women, also supports local livelihoods and traditions. Beeswax is a natural and entirely renewable resource that improves air quality, releasing negative ions as it burns.

The essential oils in our products have been lovingly and specifically blended to positively affect your energy and emotions. In our facial oil, bergamot sparks joy and restores balance; jasmine, rose geranium and yang yang brings a sense of peace and boosts confidence and compassion while frankincense and sandalwood connect you with the higher realm. In our massage + bath oil candle, rose geranium, elemis and yang yang soothe and lift your mood, while jasmine and labdanum penetrate your soul and awaken wisdom and intuition.

At Sacred + Wild we believe in creating a positive impact beyond our products. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we will be donating 5% of our profits to charities that work in areas close to our hearts:


Dirt Charity, dedicated to environmental sustainability, aims to cultivate positive change by supporting initiatives that promote soil health, conservation, and regenerative practices.


TreeSisters empowers a global network of women to take collective action by reforesting the planet and addressing climate change through the simple yet profound act of tree planting.

Compassion In World Farming

Compassion in Farming is committed to advancing the welfare of farm animals, advocating for humane and sustainable farming practices that prioritise the well-being of animals and promote a compassionate approach to agriculture.

Women For Women International

Women for Women International is dedicated to empowering and uplifting women survivors of conflict, providing them with the tools and support needed to rebuild their lives and communities.

Survival International

Survival International is a global movement advocating for the rights of indigenous peoples, working tirelessly to defend their lands, cultures, and ways of life from threats such as exploitation, discrimination, and dispossession.

At Sacred + Wild we are ready to make waves in the clean beauty world and
 have a big vision for our future products, events + collaborations. Watch this space!


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